Mushroom shape on the wick and extra smoke. How do I fix it?

Surely, you love the atmosphere that scented candles create in your home. But what happens when you start to notice wick mushrooming in the wick and smoke? Don't worry, there is a solution!

Why does a mushroom shape form in the wick?

The mushroom shape on the wick indicates that the wick is burning unevenly. This can happen when the wick is longer than necessary or if it is not cut properly before lighting.

How can you correct the mushroom shape and avoid the smoke?

The solution is simple: cut the fuse before lighting it. A simple wick cutter is an ideal tool to achieve this. If you cut it to 1/4 of a centimeter, you will create the best conditions for even burning and you will avoid the mushroom shape as well as the extra smoke.

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